A Proven Strategy

Exercising Patience & Expertise

Practical Data + Expert Strategy = Reliable Success

In our story, “slow, steady, and strategic” wins the race.

We’re not your average multifamily investment firm. We prioritize reliability of returns over speed, we acquire assets that will outlast market volatility, and we build timeless value into each property.

Our success is built on stable, predictable growth, which we achieve through the data-driven acquisition of reliable real estate assets. Each property is carefully selected for its market durability and hidden potential for further value, which we bring to life through long-term strategies tailored to each property.

A Collection of Excellence

Envisioning Long-Term Value

Steadfast Yet Agile

Our structure is designed to deliver long-term results while still allowing us to execute capital events in the short term when dictated by market conditions.

Safety First

All the experience in the world won’t protect your investment from market volatility, but creating a wide margin of safety from the outset helps mitigate risk and prevent catastrophic loss.

Ownership-Minded Approach

We don’t acquire properties to flip them and sell them quickly – as sponsors, we take careful consideration to ensure that the asset is already profitable, before investing our own resources in order to make it even more valuable.

Supported By Strategy

By using a data-driven approach to acquisitions and establishing creative, focused, and vertically integrated operations, we limit guesswork and speculation in our analysis, leading to stronger assets and net positive operations.

Founding Partners

Developing Deals, Delivering Results

Hillel Markowitz
Managing Partner

Hillel Markowitz is the managing partner at Yellowstone, overseeing the firm's vertically integrated operation. Prior to co-founding Yellowstone, Hillel oversaw and managed a national full-service point of purchase retail display business, growing the company’s annual revenues from $6M to over $45M. Beginning his career in the mortgage industry in 2007, he quickly took advantage of market opportunities by strategically investing and growing a private real estate investment portfolio. In 2016, Australian conglomerate Orora Group acquired his company. In 2018, Hillel founded Yellowstone, where he brings his Fortune 500 network and expert management skills to source opportunities and spearhead Yellowstone’s growth. Hillel serves as a board member of a children's special-education non-profit organization where he devotes his free time in a volunteer capacity.

Stuart Zelmanovitz, JD

As a partner at Yellowstone, Stuart Zelmanovitz, JD draws on his previous legal and real estate experience to execute Yellowstone's proven investment strategies and create value for Yellowstone's investors. Prior to co-founding the company, Stuart served in various capacities at the family offices of E&M associates and Allegiant Equities, including National Director of Acquisitions. He oversaw nine-figure acquisitions and portfolio operations of commercial real estate in Texas, Arizona, and Florida. Before joining E&M's parent company, Stuart litigated commercial real estate actions in state and federal court and advised on NYC-based Stahl & Zelmanovitz LLP transactions. He also co-founded a successful marketing company (fwdnyc.com) before exiting in 2011 to pursue law full time. Stuart received his B.A. from ITRI and his Juris Doctor from Hofstra University. As a certified mediator and through his affiliation with Hofstra University's Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, Stuart provides pro-bono mediation services and is a sought-after resource for alternative dispute resolution in high-stakes business disputes.

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